Josh's Valentine's Day Gift: A $760 Ham Shack from AliExpress

When I bought Josh's 2020 Christmas gifts, the general consensus was, "We love it when Josh has to to suffer through junk from AliExpress and Wish." The next most common comment was, "More ham radios, less FRS/GMRS." I, dear friends, aim to please despite the frustration these gifts cause Josh. 

Now, as I'm not licensed (though very close) and have never bought a ham shack myself, I had to stealthily ask Josh what one needs to build a ham shack. He, being a person who aims to give the appropriate advice, thought I was talking about myself and said I should probably start with a handy-talkie. After quite a bit of conversational gymnastics to hide my real intentions, I finally put together that I needed to buy a radio, a power supply because for some reason they don't come with one to begin with, an amp and an antenna. The power supply should be 12 watts and the amperage of the power supply needs to match the draw from the radio at minimum. The antenna needs to match the 50 ohms impedance and cover the bands of operation on the radio. 

I messed up on the amp, which you'll see because quite frankly, this was all a shot in the dark. We're lucky I got 3 out of 4. There's a good reason hams tell their wives not to buy them ham radio gear. 

Please note, I am not posting the links as an endorsement of these products. I'm merely providing the links because everyone always wants to know the links when Josh posts one of my jankapotamus gift bonanzas in a video. Maybe you want to know how much the product costs now. Maybe you want to see what AliExpress vendors actually ship the products they sell. I'm not sure what you're going to do with the information but you asked so here it is. 

(Disclosure: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)

Please also note, I have titled the products below based on what actually arrived. The titles on AliExpress products are notoriously long and sometimes misleading as they include key words that might not apply to the product.

End Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) Antenna 

 20W UHF Power Amplifier

KN-990 HF Ham Radio Transceiver - English Version

Adjustable Universal AC/DC Power Adapter 12V 10A


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