What is HamTactical? 

This is the official merch store for Ham Radio Crash Course run by Josh's wife, Leah. 

Why does Leah run HamTactical and not Josh?

One day, Leah foolishly volunteered to ship whatever Josh needed shipped for Ham Radio Crash Course. Somehow that turned into finding a way to make and send merch when the Ham Radio Crash Course community started asking about the custom Extra pint glass Leah made for Josh when he got his Extra license. Josh also feels very strongly that his time is better spent creating content for the ham radio community to grow while Leah's time is better spent making ridiculous store text that most people will never read. 

Why is it called HamTactical and not Ham Radio Crash Course? 

Tactical is used to describe an action or plan which is intended to help someone achieve what they want in a particular situation, which is basically Josh's entire purpose in life, in ham radio and beyond. Plus, we want the shop to be available to other ham brands if they need a platform as well. 

How long will it take to get my items? 

Production time depends on the item. They range anywhere from 5 days to 9 days on average but the product you purchase should detail the production time in the description. Then it depends on the shipping type you choose. More information on shipping options can be found on the Shipping page

Why does it take so long? 

The product manufacturers make the product as they are ordered. Leah is big on reducing environmental waste so in every instance possible, the manufacturers don't make the product until it is ordered and instead of the product traveling from the warehouse to us and then to back out to the buyer, it goes directly from the manufacturer to the buyer.  We know in the modern day of Amazon Prime, this seems like a painful amount of time to wait for a purchase and we appreciate your support on this anyway. You guys are awesome. 

How do I reach you with a problem or question?

You can email Leah at Leah@HamTactical.com. There are also other methods to reach us on the Contact page