About Us

Hey, you there, I see you over there. Welcome to HamTactical where Josh of Ham Radio Crash Course's wife makes merch for a hobby she is now somewhat qualified to make merch for because she finally got her tech after she was part of one too many HRCC podcast episodes. 

Josh has been a ham radio enthusiast since 2007. His mission is to introduce his favorite hobby to as many people as possible by making it accessible, integrating modern technology and inclusive of all ages, genders and colors. 

His YouTube channel, Ham Radio Crash Course with over 187,000 subscribers, is home to his videos that connect the community to ham radio test prep, Will it Antenna projects, home brew projects, and so much more. Arguably the best community in ham radio gathers every Saturday on YouTube to chat while he livestreams whatever he thinks will help his fellow hams. 

One day, after Josh finally got his Extra, Leah made him a sweatshirt, mug and pint glass to celebrate that people would no longer be able to ask, "When are you going to get your Extra, Josh?" Very observant viewers noticed Josh drinking out of his celebratory glass during his usual stream drink of craft beer and they asked, "Where did you get that and how can I get one?"

And here we are. Thanks for asking. Now Leah is running a merch store.