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When Ham Nation moved to the HRCC channel on YouTube, godfather of Ham Radio, Gordon West, asked my husband Josh if I was a ham. I wasn't. Sadly, after months of studying, since May 2020, 5 questions a week on the HRCC podcast, I wasn't any closer to passing the test. I could blame my instructor and the lack of knowledge transference by osmosis but the truth is, I needed to crack open a book, app or video and simply study. 

"What are you doing?" Josh asked me as he saw me quietly engrossed in my phone. 

"Studying," I replied matter of factly. 

"What are you studying for?"

"The Technician exam."

Pausing for a second, he thought I was pranking him, "Are you really?"

"Yes, really."

Puzzled, "But why all of a sudden?" he asked. 

"Because Gordon West sent me a study package and I can't let him down."

"You don't want to let *Gordon West* down?" 

I got the feeling he was hinting at something about how he's been asking me to get my license for (how old is HRCC?) at least 3 years. I can't be certain. 

Two days later, I finally passed a practice exam and then I passed 5 more. There are still areas I just don't get, some questions I'm not sure why I need to know just to push a PTT button, and I thought I'd start writing them down so I could really absorb the knowledge. 

But I do want to burst Josh's bubble because it doesn't matter if I get my license, I'm still not going to be ok with more antennas on the roof. 

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  • Beautiful Children, and the intro made me smile. Thank you for your time and effort.


    Anthony Gannon

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